SCUBA Equipment Rental

SCUBA Equipment is a basic and important parameter for the enjoyment of a SCUBA Dive. The quality of the equipment determines to a large extent the safety and the pleasure of the diver’s bottom time.

At Diveness we chose one of the top brand names of SCUBA Equipment because “deep down we need the best”. Our entire range of equipment is SCUBAPRO, well serviced as the manufacturer defines.

SCUBA Equipment rental, especially from the new divers, is a usual procedure until they invest to their own. Enjoy every moment of a dive through the safety and the quality our SCUBA Equipment provides!


Full Set Equipment
(Includes: Tank, Weights, Wetsuits, Boots, Regulatorή, BCD, Fins, Mask and optional: SMB, Hood, Gloves, Snorkel, Shortie)
25,00 €
Regulator 5,00 €
Buoyancy Control Device 5,00 €
Wet Suit (5 mm) 5,00 €
SCUBA Tank Air (10, 12, 15, 18 liters) 6,00 €
SCUBA Tank Nitrox (10, 12, 15, 18 liters) 9,00 €
Fins 3,00 €
Mask & Snorkel 3,00 €
SCUBA Boots 3,00 €
Weight-belt & Weights 3,00 €
Hood & Gloves 3,00 €
Shortie Wet Suit (2 mm) 3,00 €
*The above prices are for day use. In case of a longer period need, ask for our proposal.
*Your SCUBA certification is necessary to rent SCUBA Equipment.
*Your Enriched Air Diver certification is necessary to rent SCUBA Tank with Nitrox.
*In case of scuba equipment loose or destroy, the equipment is given to the user and he/she pays the bought price as compensation.