Dive Plan Schedule

Dive Plan

Don’t miss even an instant from your favorite Dive Center! Stay tuned with Diveness’ dive plan schedule and close in time your own place for the activity that interests you! Call us at +30 2291159027 to confirm your reservation! Await you with great pleasure…and you know it!

Saturday 16/07/2016

@ 10:00 - We dive at Legrena according to Deep Diver course. If you’re already certified come to dive with us!! We ll go deep down at 40!

@ 10:00 - New Open Water Diver course. If you had the Discover Scuba Diving experience with us, it’s the proper time for you to start the magic trip to the certification with the best companionship!

@ 15:00 - New Advanced Open Water Diver course - U/W Navigation Dive

@ 15:00 - Discover SCUBA Diving…come to taste what we love the most…most probably you ll be one of us!

Sunday 17/07/2016

@10:00 - New EFR course…do something…your fellow man needs you…save a human life…do it with the right way!

@10:00 - Boat Fun Dive at Koudounia…let’s go for a chill and long dive….last time we reached 72 minutes of bottom time!

@10:00 - Was your last dive long time ago?…and you wanna dive?! It’s wised to have first a SCUBA review to remember all the principles of SCUBA Diving…the sea is waiting for you…!

@17:00 - PADI Women’s Day….check here what we have organized only FOR WOMEN! 

Saturday 23/07/2016

@ 09:00 – Eurobulker X….we re coming!!!!! Check here for the details of the trip! The trip is full but if you want to get in the waiting list just let us know…

*The dive plan schedule is getting refreshed every Wednesday.
*The above schedule may be get changed or canceled depending the weather conditions.